Madison Park Neighborhood

Madison Park truly is a beautiful neighborhood nestled within and around Tyvola Rd., Park Rd., Woodlawn Rd., and South Blvd. We’re less than 6 miles from uptown and less than one mile from Park Road Shopping Center, and yet we still have that small town feel, in my humble opinion. <I grew up in a small town so I can say that.> Sitting in my backyard, unless I really think about it, I don’t feel like I’m in the city at all. I can stare up at the night sky and see stars, hear the owls, roast marshmallows on the fire pit – just miles from the concrete jungle and skyscrapers. It’s amazing. These are just a few reasons we knew that Madison Park was where we wanted to be.

Out my front window I count numerous runners, walkers, and bike riders every day. Our homes are telling of their time; the 50’s when attention was paid to the family areas – large spaces for families to come together and bedrooms just big enough to sleep in. Why do you want to be in your room anyway when there is so much life to live?!

We’d love to share our neighborhood with you. You can get more information at Madison Park Charlotte.